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Penn State Interfraternity Council Response to New Safety Measures Presented by President Barron


The past few months have been difficult for many in the Penn State community, and we continue to send our thoughts and prayers to Tim Piazza’s family. The Interfraternity Council Executive Board and Council of Presidents continue to be devoted to leading the change Penn State needs to prevent another senseless tragedy.


Prior to today’s Board of Trustees meeting, we presented Penn State administrators with ​this draft plan​ that was a collaborative effort from the IFC Executive Board, chapter presidents, National Organizations, and alumni that would increase safety in our fraternity community​.

  • Working with these stakeholders, we developed a proposal to: ∙

  • Address substance abuse through new restrictions, heightened security and education

  • Strengthen new member education through enhanced hazing prevention parameters

  • Provide transparency through publishing chapter disciplinary records and other information

  • Implement new peer governance structures to improve accountability, including community-wide training and involvement

  • Increase alumni involvement and advisory support

  • Invest in the funding of professional staff and an annual culture assessment

  • Hold fraternities to maintaining alcohol-free facilities until they meet all​ standards


Many of these changes align with—and even go further than—the measures President Barron presented today. We agree that added social restrictions, education, transparency and professional staff support are critical. We have tried to remain committed to being an active part of the solution within our community. We stand firm on our belief that when students are involved in collaborating with the university in monitoring and accountability, a greater impact is made. For that reason, we will continue to push for a partnership between student leaders and the University.


We believe lasting change is best created when stakeholders of all levels work together—from the highest ranks of the administration to students. The hardest work lies ahead, and we look forward to working with the university to implement elements of our plan to make a difference in our community.


We Are still Penn State.



Dean Vetere

Penn State Interfraternity Council President