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Why Go Greek?

"I joined Greek life to create life long friendships and make a very big school feel a little bit smaller. I also joined for the leadership opportunities and for the extensive resumé builders."

Kieran White- Alpha Sigma Phi

"I joined Greek life to make a big school feel small, while at the same time becoming a community leader and meeting some of my closest friends."


Bailey Rice - Pi Kappa Alpha

"Coming to a school where I didn't know anyone, I knew I needed to find a group of friends right away. Joining a fraternity not only allowed me to find a group of friends, but also set me up with a network of alumni that are happy to help me with internships and jobs."

Evan Gorski- Acacia

"I joined Greek life to immerse myself in Penn State. I have enjoyed many networking, social, and philanthropic opportunities since joining Greek life. It's invaluable."


John Lord - Pi Kappa Alpha