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The Penn State Interfraternity Council at a Glance


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A Letter From Our President

Interfraternity Council President

My name is Jesse Kolb and I am the 2024 Interfraternity Council President. I work alongside the other members of the Executive Board to represent undergraduate fraternity members to the university administration and elevate fraternity life to its highest potential. Greek Life is currently at an extremely important and dynamic point in time, both at Penn State and nationally. I cannot understate the impact that proper collaboration and collective dedication to self-improvement will have on our lives. It is my hope that throughout my term, this Executive Board will be able to build a strong relationship with university stakeholders, invest money into chapter improvement initiatives, and increase engagement with the local State College community. There is much to be done and we will hit it head on. I’m ready to get to work.

The IFC’s primary purpose is to ensure the safety and success of all affiliated chapters at Penn State. We value and promote chapters’ academic achievements, philanthropic efforts, community involvement, and Penn State pride. With that being said, welcome to our page! Here, we have resources such as Standards of Excellence requirements, the IFC Bylaws, and Recruitment information. Additionally, our contact information is available if you have any questions or concerns whatsoever. We would love to hear from you! Whether you are in a fraternity, a patron of Greek Life, or just want to know more about the IFC, we are here to help.

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Our Mission

"To represent the chapters of The Pennsylvania State University's Interfraternity Council and provide undergraduate fraternity members the most meaningful experience by encouraging academic achievement, philanthropy and community service, networking, organizational growth, and a greater understanding of the community at large."

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