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2022-2023 IFC Executive Board


Kyle Quinn - Delta Upsilon

President - The President oversees all operations of the Interfraternity Council Executive Board, and supervises the entire IFC community. ​

Kyle Quinn is a junior from Montville, New Jersey pursuing an Industrial Engineering degree and the Smeal Business Certificate. Before becoming IFC President, Kyle served on the IFC Executive Board for a year as the VP of Standards. He’s also been the Vice President of External Relations and the Social Media Director for his chapter. Outside of Greek Life, Kyle is the Chair of Campus Operations in the UPUA, Penn State’s student government. Additionally, he is the College of Engineering Representative to Penn State’s Student Government & Faculty Senate


Edward T Headshot 2_edited.jpg

Ed Talanian - Phi Kappa Theta

Executive Vice President - The Executive Vice President works closely with the Chapter Presidents to help manage chapter operations and concentrate on risk management.

Ed Talanian is a junior from Long Island, New York, pursuing a degree in Finance. Ed is the former President of Phi Kappa Theta. As Executive Vice President, Ed’s goal is to help greek life prosper to its full potential, cultivate a safe environment through proper implementation of risk management, and ensure a positive impact on all stakeholders. 


Doug Weller - Tau Kappa Epsilon

Administrative Vice President - The Administrative Vice President serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the IFC.

Doug Weller is a junior from Reading, Pennsylvania and is pursuing a degree in Finance. In the past, Doug served as the President of his chapter Tau Kappa Epsilon. As the Administrative Vice President, Doug’s goal is to make the IFC more accessible and increase opportunities for students at Penn State as well as create a better environment for the greater State College community.


Jack Pastor - Delta Upsilon

Vice President for Communications - The Vice President for Communications directs all internal and external communications for the IFC.

Jack Pastor is a sophomore from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is pursuing a degree in Enterprise Technology Integration. Jack is currently serving as the Philanthropy Chair for his chapter Delta Upsilon. Jack also plans to lead his chapter’s homecoming float next fall. As the Vice President of Communications, Jack’s goal is to make the IFC more accessible for new members looking to join Greek life, as well as highlighting the positive impact that Greek life has on the Penn State community. 

brad .jpeg

Brad Pedone - Phi Kappa Sigma

Vice President for Standards - The Vice President for Standards serves as the judiciary branch of the IFC. They hold all IFC chapters accountable to the organization’s bylaws and standards process.

Brad Pedone is a junior from West Chester, Pennsylvania pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in security and risk analysis with a minor in information sciences and technology. Prior to joining the IFC, Brad served as Phi Kappa Sigma’s Standards Chair where he carried out all judicial proceedings for the chapter. Brad wants to seize this opportunity to further refine the IFC’s judicial process to make it open, fair, and equitable for all members of the council. Additionally, Brad aims to uplift the Greek community, as a whole, by judicating all cases of misconduct and drafting an extensive code of conduct.

Sucena Samuel_002902__.jpg

Samuel Sucena - Phi Kappa Psi

Vice President for Accreditation - The Vice President for Accreditation serves as the judiciary branch of the IFC. They hold all IFC Chapters accountable to the University Standards for all fraternities.

Sam Sucena is a sophomore from Pelham, New York, and is a student in the Smeal College of Business. Sam recently served as chapter Vice President for Phi Kappa Psi. As Vice President of Accreditation, Sam looks to foster involvement and work towards helping every chapter reach the highest level of the standards of excellence.


Pavlo Pencak - Tau Kappa Epsilon

Vice President for Health and Safety - The Vice President for Health and Safety looks after member wellness by tackling issues of hazing, sexual assault, substance abuse, and mental health.

Pavlo Pencak is a junior from Rockaway, New Jersey pursuing a degree in Industrial Engineering. Within his chapter, Pavlo participates in THON, intramural sports, as well as Greek community events. As Vice President of Health and Safety, Pavlo hopes to help maintain an excellent reputation for the safety of Greek community while still being able to have fun. I want to continue helping promote healthy physical and mental habits within fraternities to create a successful future.


Michael Buffa - Phi Sigma Kappa

Vice President for New Membership - The Vice President for New Membership conducts the recruitment process for the IFC. Following recruitment, he then oversees all New Member Education.

Michael Buffa is a junior from Long Island, New York and is pursuing a degree in Security and Risk Analysis. Prior to serving as VP of New Membership, Michael was the chapter President of Phi Sigma Kappa.  As VP of New Membership, Michael plans to provide an original, efficient and safe recruitment process, assist chapters with recruitment and new member processes, and contribute to the growth of all chapters at Penn State.


Michael Smerek - Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Vice President for Community Development - The Vice President for Community Development oversees all Philanthropy, Community Service, and Sustainability within the IFC community.

Michael Smerek is a junior from wyomissing, Pennsylvania is who is studying agricultural business management. Michael was a founding father and president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon for his chapter during the rechartering process. As Vice President of Community Development Michael has the goal to continue restoring relations with the local community and spread the word nationwide. He looks to bring back many community events to show everyone what Greek life at penn state truly is. 

Cory new.jpg

Cory Lindey - Alpha Tau Omega

Vice President for Community Relations - The Vice President for Community Relations acts as the primary liaison between the IFC community and the greater Borough of State College.

Cory Lindey is a junior from Cranberry Township, PA pursuing a degree in Energy Business and Finance with a minor in Supply Chain and Information Systems and Technology. Before taking on this role Cory served as his chapter’s Risk Manager. As VP of Community Relations, Cory hopes to work with all chapters to promote conveying all the great things they do to the community as well as how important those community relationships are. Cory also hopes to work with all stakeholders and chapters to foster those relationships and leave them better than he found them.


Rami Kfouri - Phi Kappa Theta

Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - The Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion serves to evaluate the current initiatives in the Greek Community through education, events, and accountability measures.

Rami is a junior from Beirut, Lebanon pursuing a degree in Industrial Engineering. Rami currently serves on the social committee of Phi Kappa Theta. As VP of DEI, Rami plans on fostering a more equitable environment across all chapters of Greek life, while promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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