Important Dates for Fall 2022 Recruitment

IFC Involvement Fair: August 25 Time and Location TBA

Meet with individuals from participating chapters to learn more about

their recruitment process before Zone Days!

Registration Closes: August 28 (11:59 p.m.)

Orientation: September 4 Time and Location TBA

Required for all eligible potential new members

Zone Days: September 6-9, 4:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Each chapter will host an open house event to meet eligible, registered Potential New Members.

Locations include chapter houses and on-campus locations for chapters without facilities.

Chapter Recruitment: September 11-18 (dates and times vary by chapter)

Events during this time may be open events or invitation only. Please reference the information

on the IFC Recruitment Canvas Course that you will need to enroll in

once you are determined eligible to participate in recruitment. 

Bid Extension: September 19

Chapters will extend bids, or invitations to join their membership, to eligible potential new members.

Bids will be extended in person, please remain in your apartment/dorm until the end of the bid extension period. Individuals may receive

anywhere from zero bids, to multiple bids.

Bid Acceptance: September 20-21

Potential new members that receive bids can accept or decline bids to chapters.

Open Recruitment - September 22 - October 5th

For individuals that did not receive a bid during Primary Recruitment,

declined a bid, or missed the original deadline.

Recruitment Information


Zone day tours will be held in person at chapter houses. Additionally, virtual tours are available online here.


Rush events will be held either in person or virtually by chapters at their own discretion.


Bid extension will be taking place in person. Potential new members are expected to be in their apartment/dorm/house until the end of the bid extension period.

Questions? Contact us!